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How to defeat a water leak

Water leak

Monday morning arrived in our Banbury office with a number of property management issues, the most pressing of which was a sudden water leak reported from our tenant in the ground floor apartment of a purpose built block.

Within a few minutes we arrived at the scene and established that the leak appeared to be coming from the apartment above which was managed by another agent.  The agent contacted their tenant who returned home to let us in where we discovered water also coming through his ceiling.

Reaching the top floor flat, which was co-incidentally managed by us, we could see no obvious evidence of a water leak.  By this point the block manager had turned off the supply to avoid further damage.  We were advised of all the problems that might arise in having to re-house the tenants from all three apartments, trying to find the cause of the leak, compensation claims, electrical checks etc. 

We suggested that instead of finding problems we should find a solution and we were allowed to instruct our own plumber to locate the cause of the leak.  He quickly traced it to a split washing machine hose which was replaced and the water supply restored to the top floor apartment.  All tenants were reinstated having had the properties safety-checked and cleaned on the same day.  Needless to say the paperwork goes on with the continuing insurance claims, remedial work and liaison with our clients, but we dread to think how much worse it may have been without the quick action of our property management team.