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Under the skin of the letting market

Here we share news and views on both the local letting market in & around Oxfordshire and all planned and recent legislation.

85 groups of students, 21 lets, 101 forms…The List is launched!

The queue that awaited our student letting team

Yesterday morning our student letting team made their way to work feeling an extra bit of excitement and anticipation. Not because it was the first of December. Not because it has been snowing in Oxfordshire. But because yesterday was the launch of The List.

Every year the team works very hard on The List, spending 3 months preparing the 188-page A5 booklet of properties to rent in Oxford for the next academic year. Our team arrived at work on the morning of this year’s release to see the usual queue of students who had camped overnight (despite our advice not to) in a bid to secure the best properties.

From opening time to closing, the team saw 85 groups of students (ranging in size from two to seven people)! That is about 340 people. They let 21 properties yesterday and viewings are back-to-back today.

For a property to be reserved a fee must be paid and all application forms must be completed. That means that 21 fees were paid and 101 forms were filled out…all in one day!

The hard work will continue over the next few weeks as properties are let and into the New Year as the references are taken for each applicant. Check back in a few days for an update on the number of lets!

Relieved to have their copy of The List after queuing from 11am on 30th November